Hosta Group

Mr. Khalid Mahmood Khan founded this group with the inception of SAM Corporation in 1997. Since then we have been in and around various segment of the textile and leather chemical business. In 2007 the group also decided to enter in to the pharmaceutical industry through Glisten Pharma. All the companies within the group have Alhamdulillah reached major milestones and have developed well known brands such as Hostazyme™ and Emulgator™.


This is the flagship company of the Hosta-group. Starting out with simple me-too products like bates, Hostachem now boasts a portfolio of around 15 products which are manufactured in house by procuring active materials from Novozymes and Lanxess. We are the pioneers of enzymes technology for leather sector in Pakistan. We also deal in the beam-house chemicals range(around 12 products) of Lanxess exclusively in Pakistan. The Lanxess range is available for indent as well as ex-stock. Major brands are : Hostazyme™ and Peltec®.

Hostachem and Environment

Being a responsible chemical company Hostachem is a regular contributor of the Cleaner Technology Program by Pakistan Tanners Association. Enzymes are all formulated absolutely free of all metals, ammonium or aromatic compounds. Also, all the products are REACH compliant. Certificates are available upon request.

Adeel Enterprises

This company deals in Leather dyes from Sardar Chemicals which is one of the leading Chemical groups in Pakistan. And also deal in in-house manufactured detergents, surfactants and emulsifiers formulated from German raw materials. Major brands are Leatherol® and Emulgator™.

Glisten Pharma

This is a partnership firm and involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Business developing with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies is what Glisten Pharma does. From finished formulations to APIs, Glisten Pharma offers procurement opportunities for companies from around the globe.