Biotech in bating

Proven Results

For as long as leather has been produced, enzymes have played an important role in the bating process.

Over the years enzyme-­‐containing bating products have developed from rather unsophisticated formulations based on animal excrement via pancreatic extracts to highly elaborate biotech-­‐based solutions.


As well as providing the same benefits as standard pancreatic bates, these new bating products offer the following additional benefits:

100% microbial origin; Highly standardized activity that improves final formulation quality; Granulated formulation; Safety in use.


The activity of the products is standardized and expressed in MTU/g. This activity is based on the ability to release p-nitro-anilide from Arg-pNA and is determined relative to an 0enzyme standard. One way to make a 0practical comparison of different bating products is to test them against each other in the standard bating process used. Such a test is given be-low.


The effect of our bates was tested in a series of trials performed in collaboration with Reutlingen Leather Research Institute. The enzyme was applied in a standard bating process (100% float, pH 8-8.5, 30°C for 45 minutes) com-pared to a bating process using a standard pancreatic trypsin product (PTNP) on bovine pelt for shoe upper.

Three kinds of evaluations were made: Bating effect (scud removal, float colour, thumb mark, etc.); General leather quality on crust (grain quality, colour egality, soft-ness); DIN tests (lastometer, tear strength, tensile strength and elongation at break).

Two important observations were made:

1.A similar bating effect 0was achieved with a dosage of 0~22,000 MTU/kg pelt.

This means that, under these conditions, it was possible to achieve a sufficient bating effect with Hostachem bates using minimal quantities.

2. A higher dosage may improve the bating process without damaging the quality of the final leather. In general, the following advantages are seen:

  • Mild and gentle bating
  • Excellent scud loosening
  • Fine and delicate grain
  • High-quality leather as the out-come


Our products can be used to bate any type of hide or skin. We recommend using a prolonged bating process at normal pH and temperature in order to achieve complete reaction, i.e. 60 to 90 minutes for tighter leathers and 120 minutes or longer for soft articles.

Range includes:

  • Hostazyme NB-100
  • Hostazyme 01-P
  • Hostazyme BF CONC
  • Hostazyme GT EXTRA
  • Hostazyme 5046
  • Hostazyme 600