In 2002, we purchased a small leather tannery which had three full scale drums with the vision of conducting bulk trials for customers. But eventually the customers preferred the bulk trials to be conducted in their own premises and also because of the rapid growth of the business it was decided to make space for some state of the art warehousing and laboratories.

We now have three warehouses in Karachi, Sialkot and Kasur, two physical testing laboratories and one analytical testing laboratory in the Karachi head office. Alongside we have two finished formulation units for powder products also in Karachi.

Research & Development

Hostachem has a full fledged, all year running research and development program. Since we are a customer centric company, the program encompasses discovery of new products and unique solutions for customers. Top quality human resources and equipment have been deployed in the three laboratories. Two laboratories are physical testing comprising steel drums and wooden drums and one analytical laboratory for quality assurance and various other functions.


Analytical Laboratory

Right from the word go we have always prioritized the assurance of quality. The products we produce are comparable to any company worldwide. Since the Pakistani chemical market had always been an import oriented one, as a local company we had to make sure that our products exceed the prevalent standards of quality. For this reason this lab was established at a very early stage. Each batch is rigorously tested to ensure optimum activity and homogeneity of all the products manufactured in our plants. Whether the material coming is local or imported this laboratory checks each incoming raw material according to strict parameters to ensure that only top quality materials enter the facility.

Most of our products are either co-branded with Novozymes(Denmark) or Lanxess(Germany.) Because of the trust our principles have in us this calls upon an even greater need for quality maintenance. After the finished product is ready for packing, this lab again ensures criterion set by our principals. On successful tests the lab issues a go-ahead for packing. All samples of all the batches are kept for at least one year for later reference.

There is also a facility of Fat Content Analysis of leather in the lab. Since we are the first ones to introduce enzyme degreasing we are also one of the first chemical companies to establish a fat content analysis lab. Through this analysis it is ensured that degreasing of a sheepskin lot has been successful and it can now proceed for further processes. Not only that but we also have facilitated our customers to build their own labs in their respective tanneries so that they can have better control of their degreasing.

Physical Laboratory

Two laboratories have been setup with the idea of conducting leather trials for customers as well as for development of new products and improvement of existing ones. The beam-house lab consists of five wooden drums with the combined capacity of 210 skins or 45 hides. It also contains a manual fleshing system and storage of wet-blue. This lab is particularly important because of the recent partnership with Lanxess. This arrangement brings in the complete range of beam-house chemicals to our portfolio and thus requires recurring trials to showcase results of the new technology.

Another lab has comparison steel drums along with one large steel drum for conducting crust onwards trials. This lab was established in association with our previous partner Novozymes.

  • Production

    Powder production is all about the homogeneity of the finished product. To achieve this various parameters are set under controlled temperature, pressure and moisture. Only then the product is up to standard and has a shelf life of 2-3 years. The shelf life differs from product to product so please refer to specific MSDS and PDS available on this website. The annual production capacity of the plants is around 3,000,000kg of powder products and around 1,000,000kg of liquid products per year.

    Custom formulations for individual clients has always been one of our greatest strengths. Some customers demand a specific activity and product attributes. So if we do not have a product of that specification, we have the ability to produce it as per demand of the customer. This whole process is absolutely streamlined and efficient to ensure timely delivery of solution.

  • Warehousing

    We currently have three warehouses in Pakistan. One each in Karachi, Sialkot and Kasur. With a combined capacity of 150,000kg we can adequately meet prompt customer demands both in season and off season. Robust, FIFO based software integrated inventory system has been deployed. All the products are kept under recommended conditions and can be delivered anywhere in Pakistan within a very short period of time.