Enzyme Degreasing

Enzymes are bio-catalysts meaning they speed up a chemical reaction, naturally. They are everywhere around us. In our bodies, plants and everything around us enzymes play a major role to make life sustainable. For example the food we eat contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats. If after eating the food there are no enzymes to speed up digestion, the food will take years to digest on its own. Thankfully enzymes get the job done in a couple of hours.

Since skins are a natural material made up of water, protein, carbs and fats, enzymes make more sense in the leather industry than probably anywhere else. Therefore fat degreasing should be no exception. Fats are digested by enzymes called lipases.

Imported sheepskins(English domestic, New Zealand etc.) contain as high as 40% fat in them. The solution to fat before we introduced enzyme degreasing was to dry clean the skins by using solvents. This method removed fat inconsistently and caused area shortage, dye penetration issues etc.

Enzyme degreasing is the only sustainable method of degreasing at it uses natural chemical to treat natural substrate. Results are fat content comes down to less than 5%, so there is no chance of fatty spew. Majority of the big tanneries in Pakistan have resorted to this technology for peace of mind.

Two solutions are available. Premium degreasing and Eco Degreasing. Please ask for a specific recipe for your tannery.