Hostazyme AXP Conc

A unique enzyme mix to increase area and softness without looseness!


Hostazyme AXP Conc is a protease containing mix, produced by submerged fermentation of a genetically modified Bacillus microorganism.


Simple to use; Increased area yield; improved softness; tightens loose grain; no looseness.


Hostazyme AXP Conc is a new enzyme solution for treatment of wet blues, with the aim of improving area yield and leather softness.

Traditionally, area can be gained by enzyme-assisted opening up prior to tanning, but leather quality is often compromised by weak- ness and looseness. Alternatively, stretching  and then setting the leather during drying could gain area, but the performance, properties and handle are adversely affected.

Based on this new application technology, Hostazyme AXP Conc can provide significant area yield gains and softness, while retaining the desired quality features.

Hostazyme AXP Conc may be applied in the production of a broad range of articles and is especially suitable for soft leather types, such as upholstery, clothing, gloving, sheepskin and other softy leathers.

The general application of Hostazyme AXP Conc is very simple and requires a minimum of changes in the recipe. However, the conditions during neutralization give plenty of room for optimization of the process.

After the tanning operation, the wet blue is washed, sammed and shaved to the desired thickness. During the following neutralization, it is time to add Hostazyme AXP Conc as is to the drum 10- 15 minutes after addition of the neutralizing agents.

These should be chosen to obtain proper de-acidification of the wet blue, i.e. the cut should be blue using bromcresol green, but still red with neutral red. Special attention should  be given to the sub-grain layer. Use as low a salt concentration as possible, as salt may reduce the effect of the enzyme.