After we make sure that we have followed the best soaking practices and have checked all the parameters it is now time to get rid of the hair. Whether treating hides or skins, improper hairing poses many problems including dirtiness and residual hair roots which becomes impossible to remove once the pelts are completely limed. Therefore we have to make sure we tackle these hair as early as possible. The beauty of the Enzymatic unhairing (Peltec Xzyme U)is that it occurs at a very low pH(8.5). This ensures the pelts do not swell prematurely because of high pH which can trap the hair roots. Another unique advantage of this process is that Xzyme U only acts at the hair root. Leaving the hair almost untouched. This results in easy removal of the hair with minimum sodium sulphide. See how Xzyme U works to remove the hair by dissolving pre-keratin here.

It is important to stop the activity of Xzyme U by giving it a pH of at least 10.5. This can easily be done by giving some lime. First installment of Sulphide is then added along with Peltec UAL. This is an amine preparation and provides a uniform swelling of the pelts reducing chances of belly draw. Peltec BH is also added to give additional cleanliness. The rest is as per tannery’s regular process. The result is extra clean, flat pelts with thorough liming ready for fleshing and tanning.

The unhairing/Liming range includes:
Peltec Xzyme U
Peltec UAL
Peltec BH
Note: This information is just to demonstrate the logic behind the process. So please ask for a specific recipe according to your requirement.